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48 software

Composite and Metallic stiffened shell analysis

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48 - Analysis of Anisotropic Curved Shells

48 is a Composite Uniform Shells Analysis Software.

You don't model. You select a model and the software solves it for you so you can focus in progressing in the design of your structure.

Obtain faster, reliable results and lighter designs when sizing your structural components: skin-stringer wing covers and fuselage shells, spars, ribs.

Both preliminary design and certification justification.

Application example: Posicoss Panel P14 - composite fuselage panel

Initial buckling of a composite cilindrical shell stiffened with stringers and loaded in axial compression. Lower eigenvalue and mode shape are obtained for applied loads.

Calculated initial buckling load is 38.6 kN, and test buckling load reported is 38.9 kN.

Example 5 Mode Shape (created with SciLab)

R. Zimmermann, H. Klein, A. Kling, "Buckling and postbuckling of stringer stiffened fibre composite curved panels - Tests and computations", Composite Structures, Volume 73, Issue 2, May 2006, Pages 150-161, ISSN 0263-8223, 10.1016/j.compstruct.2005.11.050. Read it at ScienceDirect

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Elastic stability under complicated edge loads.

Static deflection and strength
under complicated variations of edge and lateral loads with complicated support conditions.

Natural frequencies and mode shapes.


Rectangular Flat panel (plate).

Cylindrically curved rectangular panel (shell).


Uniform Homogeneous and Nonhomogeneus (layered composite) Sheet with discrete rings and stringers.

Sandwich with discrete ring and stiffeners (neglecting core shear).


Linearly Elastic

Panel - layered anisotropic.

Stiffeners - orthotropic.

Boundary Conditions

All combinations of clamped and simply supported.

Some combinations with free edges.

Elastic restraint on opposite edges.

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